July 24, 2014

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by cya at July 24, 2014 07:35 PM

Habrahabr OpenStreetMap (RU)

[Из песочницы] Строим маршруты с помощью OpenStreetMap, OSRM и Leaflet

Привет, %username%! Хочу написать маленькую статейку о том, как с помощью OpenStreetMap, OSRM и Leaflet прокладывать маршруты в своем проекте. Рассказывать что представляют из себя вышеуказанные технологии я не буду — на хабре о них писалось не раз уже, статья будет маленькая и только по делу. Итак, если вы хотите строить маршруты — прошу под кат.

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by HunterNNm at July 24, 2014 03:36 PM

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NC 885 does not exist and does not appear to be planned, why is it on the map?

Does anybody know where this NC 885 highway on the map came from? It doesn't exist, and searching the NC DOT website and the web didn't turn up any relevant results for planned projects. It appears it was added by REFJR with no comment about a day ago. I don't want to just undo his hard work, but since I can't find any evidence that he isn't just making things up and adding them to OSM, I'm not sure why these edits shouldn't be reverted. Any input would be appreciated.

by Ratfink at July 24, 2014 02:46 PM

Mappa Mercia (UK Midlands)

OpenStreetMap 10th Birthday Party Saturday August 9th

OpenStreetMap’s 10th birthday party is on Saturday Aug 9th. We’ll be celebrating here in the West Midlands complete with birthday cake alongside scores of other cities and communities around the globe.

It’s hard to believe just how much we’ve developed our map and community in 10 years.

Anyone who has ever contributed to OpenStreetMap in the West Midlands or adjoining counties is welcome to come along and chat about the past 10 years of mapping and probe into the future of the next 10 years. That’s about 1,000 of you! Or indeed anyone who has ever registered as a user and not been able to make an edit – see how you can get started! Any migrant OSM mappers who are passing through Birmingham also welcome. Or anyone who’s just interested in maps and wants to find out what we’re about.

Our venue is very central. We’ll be located in the basement of 6/8 Kafé on Temple Row B2 5HG from about 12noon until about 2pm. Being mappers we have to provide a map on how to get there: it’s here.

Get there early or there may not be any birthday cake left (only crumbs, smiles and photos).

Birthday cake will be provided by Andy Robinson’s partner Liz and judging by the food we got at past  planning meeting at Andy and Liz’s house – its an event not to be missed!

6/8 Kafé are generously providing the space free to us so come along and sample some of their coffee and food. The venue has been voted as one of the top 50 coffee shops in the UK by readers of The Independent newspaper. Google Reviews opines: “ Relaxed cafe where coffee-mad baristas serve up artisan brews, home-baked cakes and deli fodder.”

Join us for your first global birthday party. Pop in and stay for as long or short a time as you like.

by Brian Prangle at July 24, 2014 01:52 PM

Habrahabr OpenStreetMap (RU)

Как создать легенду

Много лет назад я участвовал в бреветах: велосипедных марафонах, где поодиночке и неспеша (но с ограничением по времени) нужно проехать от 200 до 1200 километров. Медитативное занятие, когда есть время насладиться природой, напеть все песни, рассмотреть легенду и карту маршрута… Которые удручают: часто это обычная таблица из экселя с беспорядочным оформлением, а карта факультативна. Петербуржский клуб «Балтийская звезда» продвинутее многих: участники его бреветов всегда получали карту — правда, тёмно-серую, с тёмно-серым маршрутом и КП на чёрных выносках. Не очень удобно. А поскольку я увлёкся OpenStreetMap, я почувствовал, что в силах улучшить дизайн легенд. И приступил ко второй попытке (первую, шестилетней давности, стыдно вспоминать).

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by Zverik at July 24, 2014 01:36 PM

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скучно в минске в середине лета:(

подскажите, чем можно заняться в июле месяце в солнечный день без денег и смысла вообще куда-либо идти? чем можно заняться дома в одиночестве только чтоб не было желания повеситься под потолком? я просто сгораю от нетерпения!!! я не знаю, что еще можно делать на этом сайте. кроме карты и записей в дневнике я здесь больше ничего не нашла:( если можно комментировать, то расскажите кто-нибудь что-либо интересное) будем ждать:) P. S. я надеюсь, я здесь ни одна на русском балакаю;) всем удачного дня!

by Amanda Wolfrix at July 24, 2014 09:22 AM

July 23, 2014

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2014-07-23 MTB Kühstein - Track Pehersdorf, Gebäude Pehersdorf, Track Verbindung Rampetzreit-Meisingerödt, Nebenstraße Schölling zu Einzelhäusern, Farm Obergahleiten, Kreuzung

by Bergkristall at July 23, 2014 08:19 PM

OSMBlog (German)

Wochennotiz Nr. 209

15.07. – 21.07.2014

Bild Alter der erstellten Objekte in OpenStreetMap

Alter der erstellten Objekte in OpenStreetMap [1]

Talk, Forum, Wiki & Blog

Open Data & ODbL

Humanitarian OpenStreetMap Team

  • Das Humanitarian OSM Team versucht die Mappingaktivitäten für Krisenfälle auf nicht englischsprachige Mapper auszudehnen. In einem ersten Schritt wird der neue Tasking Manager bald auch in verschiedenen Sprachen verfügbar sein. Wie die Wochennotiz in Ausgabe 208 berichtete, wurde bereits eine französischsprachige Mailingliste eingerichtet. Vielleicht genügt in Deutschland ein “sticky” Thread im Forum?
  • Brandon Knight teilt in einem Tweet mit, dass die Knight Stiftung die Erstellung eines OSM-Plugins für Open Data Kit mit 35.000 US$ (ca. 26.000 €) fördert.


  • In Berlin findet ein Art Mapping Party statt, die sich allgemein mit Webkarten beschäftigt. (Also vermutlich auch Google Mapsmaker und HERE Map Creator)





kennst Du schon?

und sonst

In eigener Sache

  • Pascal und Dennis, die bisher die internationale, englischsprachige, 14-tägig erscheinende Weekly Notice herausgeben, werden die Weekly Notice mit der Ausgabe Nr. 100, die in Kürze erscheint, einstellen. Potentiellen Nachfolgern werden wir, wie schon bisher praktiziert, unsere Linksammlung zur Verfügung stellen.


Termine vom 23.07.2014 bis 30.07.2014

Ort Name Datum
Munster #MapLesotho Mapathon 25.07.2014
Bremen Stammtisch 28.07.2014
Bonn Stammtisch 28.07.2014
Düsseldorf Stammtisch 30.07.2014

Hinweis: Wer seinen Termin hier in der Liste lesen möchte, trage ihn in den Kalender ein. Nur Termine, die dort stehen, werden in die Wochennotiz übernommen.

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by Wochennotizteam at July 23, 2014 07:54 PM

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Niteroi de Bicicleta

Sou coordenador do programa Niterói de Bicicleta e pretendo atualizar todas as ciclovias/ciclofaixas e bicicletários da cidade.

by Niteroi de Bicicleta at July 23, 2014 06:48 PM

Articles about OpenStreetMap

Hey :-)

last week i added two articles about editing OpenStreetMap at the webpage of the Andorran Free Software and Free Knowledge Meeting: and

A further article is planned - yet another tutorial to get started with OpenStreetMap.


by lib2know at July 23, 2014 05:35 PM

áo cưới đẹp Thiệt Ở TP HỒ CHÍ MINH

14 Tháng Bảy 2014 00:00 Rebecca Pocklington, Anthony Barnes Vận động được mô tả vợ đang mang thai mới của mình như chụp hình cưới đẹp là một "thiên thần" khi cô bước về phía anh xuống lối đi quá dễ thương

1> Những điều chưa biết về áo cưới

Vô địch quần vợt Novak Djokovic chụp hình cưới ngoại cảnh giá rẻ đã cưới người yêu thời thơ ấu đang mang thai chỉ vài ngày sau khi chiến thắng Wimbledon, và mô tả nó như là "một thời điểm hoàn hảo". Vận động 27 tuổi người Serbia sinh trao đổi lời thề với Jelena Ristic trong các căn cứ của Aman Sveti Stefan khu áo dài cưới đẹp nghỉ mát Montenegro, và cho biết người vợ mới của ông trông giống như một "thiên thần" khi cô bước về phía anh. Chúng tôi đang khóc. Djokovic nói Hello! tạp chí: "Nhìn thấy cô lần đầu tiên trong trang phục đám cưới của cô, mỉm cười và đi về phía tôi - cô ấy trông như một thiên thần." Cô dâu - người đang mong đợi đứa con đầu tiên của họ - mặc một chiếc váy bởi Sarah Burton cho Alexander McQueen, nhà thiết kế của nữ công tước của Cambridge của váy cưới. Djokovic nói với tạp chí, trong đó có quyền đến dự buổi lễ: "Tôi đã cố gắng để có mặt trong giây phút đó và ghi nhớ nó tôi đã tập trung vào mình, và nụ cười của cô và em bé của chúng tôi Nó thực sự là một thời điểm hoàn hảo..." Ristic nói: "Tôi đã rất lo lắng và mọi thứ dường như mờ tôi đã nhìn thấy anh qua nước mắt và ngay lập tức bắt đầu khóc khi tôi thấy anh ta..

2> Cảm xúc trong ngày cưới

"Tôi đã rất hạnh phúc và có lẽ có thai làm cho nó khá khó khăn để kiểm soát cảm xúc. Tôi rất may mắn khi có anh trong cuộc sống của tôi. Tôi không thể yêu cầu một đối tác tốt hơn so với anh ta.

"Đám cưới là tất cả mọi thứ chúng tôi hy vọng nó sẽ được. Gia đình của chúng tôi và người bạn thân nhất kết hợp trong một khung cảnh tuyệt đẹp trong lễ kỷ niệm của tình yêu của chúng tôi. Đó là thực sự tình cảm và khó quên đối với chúng tôi."

Các cặp kết hôn vào ngày thứ Năm, chỉ bốn ngày sau khi Djokovic đánh bại Roger Federer trong trận chung kết Wimbledon và dành riêng chiến thắng của ông năm thiết lập - Wimbledon giành chiến thắng thứ hai của mình - để vị hôn thê của mình và "em bé tương lai của chúng tôi". Djokovic nói với tạp chí rằng việc kết hôn trong sự trỗi dậy của chiến thắng của ông đã làm cho nó thậm chí còn đặc biệt hơn. "Tôi kết hôn với người phụ nữ tôi yêu và có cảm giác không tốt hơn," ông nói. "Để giành chiến thắng Wimbledon và bây giờ được chuẩn bị cho cha - tôi không thể yêu cầu nhiều hơn nữa." * Các cuộc phỏng vấn đầy đủ trong phiên bản mới của Hello!, Đó là ra ngay bây giờ

. 3> Tiểu kết áo cưới đẹp của tạp chí

Xin chào! Tạp chí / PA Wire Cấm vận TO 0001 Thứ Hai 14 tháng 7 Tài liệu do Hello! tạp chí của trang bìa của ấn bản mới dia chi chup anh cuoi dep nhất để đi với PA câu chuyện SHOWBIZ Djokovic. THÔNG CÁO BÁO CHÍ HỘI ảnh. Ngày cấp:. Chủ Nhật 13 tháng 7 năm 2014 Quần vợt vô địch Novak Djokovic 27, nói rằng ông "không thể yêu cầu nhiều hơn" sau khi buộc kết hôn với người yêu thời thơ ấu đang mang thai Jelena Ristic chỉ vài ngày sau khi đoạt danh hiệu của người đàn ông tại Wimbledon. Xem PA câu chuyện SHOWBIZ Djokovic. Hình ảnh tín dụng nên đọc: Hello! Tạp chí / PA Wire

by aocuoi121211 at July 23, 2014 04:30 PM

Jochen Topf

Osmium Command Line Completion

When I started using the ZSH shell years ago, it was because of its superior command line completion features. Since then, the Bash shell has improved a lot, and probably has the same features, but I am used to ZSH now. And when a command doesn’t have completion it feels cumbersome to use. So, of course, I wanted to have completion for the osmium tool.

Command line completion has come a long way and being able to not only complete path names, but names of options, host names, file names on remote systems, autocorrecting typos, etc. has made the life of shell users much easier. But setting up completion for a new command has never been easy for the developer and the zsh documentation on the subject, while being quite extensive, isn’t really that easy to understand. And it doesn’t help that a few versions back they completely changed the completion system, so a lot of the stuff you find on the Internet is outdated. But I found this excellent introduction, read zsh’s manpages and online manual and dug through existing completion configurations (on my system under /usr/share/zsh/functions/Completion/).

And after a lot of trial and error the completion for Osmium (mostly) works. Turns out once you get the hang of it, it isn’t really that complicated. You can see the resulting file. The configuration knows about osmium’s subcommands, all the command line options in short and long form and about file name suffixes for OSM files. It gives helpful hints when hitting the TAB key what options are allowed or how the next parameter should be formatted. Quite nifty. And so, as intended, it makes using the Osmium command much easier. This will be even more important in the future when more functions are added to it.

Oh, and when you build and install the (inoffical) Osmium Debian package, it puts the configuration in the right place where your ZSH finds it.

July 23, 2014 04:00 PM

Bone Killian

" User's Diaries"

Crónica XII Reunión Geoinquietos Sevilla

Tratamos varios temas:


En primer lugar estuvimos presentando la iniciativa #OpenCycleSeville, una iniciativa que surgió de cara a completar en la medida de lo posible el mapa relacionado con la bicicleta en Sevilla. Ayer se puso la primera piedra de esta iniciativa presentando los resultados de la importación que realizamos de las estaciones de SEVICI, sistema de alquiler de bicicletas públicas de Sevilla y cómo esta información se puede manejar. Lo primero que discutimos fue la diferencia entre los datos de OSM y los de JCDecaux, y cómo llegamos a la conclusión de por qué en el proceso de importación respetamos las paradas posicionadas ya en OSM. Vimos que en ciertas paradas había diferencia de localización siendo la posición de OSM mucho más exacta que la propia de la compañía. Por lo que aquí vimos que nuestro datos de OSM son mejores. Lo segundo que vimos fue una distribución por barrios y cómo se podían extrapolar estos datos.

Los próximos pasos que acordamos con respecto a esta iniciativa fueron:

  • Escribir mensaje a talk-es, lista de distribución de OSM España, para preguntar por qué los hay carriles bici en sevilla marcados como rutas nacionales.
  • Importar los aparcabicis, datos facilitados por la IDE de Sevilla de la Gerencia de Urbanismo.
  • Importar los carriles bicis, datos que está preparando la IDE de Sevilla
  • Importar las fuentes de agua potable, datos que está preparando Andrés Nadal y que provienen de la IDE de Sevilla y de EMASESA.
  • Importar las tiendas relacionadas con la bicicleta, para esto se planteó una iniciativa para implicar a los comerciantes (APROCOM)
  • Estudiar las especies de plantas que desprenden semillas que puedan pinchar las ruedas de las bicicletas

Catastro Sevilla

En segundo lugar estuvimos hablando sobre la iniciativa de Catastro Sevilla y cómo debemos continuar con la misma. Se planteó la necesidad de realizar un taller de importación de datos catastrales para Septiembre, para que los interesados aprendan a importar los datos.

Los próximos pasos que se acordaron fueron:

  • Preparar datos de importación de los municipios de Sevilla
  • Preparar taller para Septiembre de importación de datos catastrales

Mapping Party Sevilla

En tercer y último lugar estuvimos tratando el tema de la Mapping Party de Sevilla. Una de las novedades que presentó Paco fue el aspecto de la página web para el evento y la necesidad de coordinarnos para darle un aspecto visual mucho más nuestro. Otra de las necesidades que surgió es la idea de preparar un blog para colgar noticias relacionadas con Geoinquietos, ya que con el paso del tiempo estamos empezando a generar cada vez más producción y hay que darle visibilidad mediante un blog.

Los próximos pasos que acordamos fueron:

  • Estudiar cambios que se le deben hacer a la página web de la Mapping Party
  • Preparar una cuenta de gmail para Geoinqueitos Sevilla, además de un blog, de blogger, para el grupo.

by MoiArcSan at July 23, 2014 12:45 PM

osm used and credited

I noticed that mapometer, after a couple or emails and a long wait, added the osm copyright to the osm map. The traveline public transport website have moved over to osm and also credit us and last but not least the BBC had a TV show, I think Dan Snow was in it and they looked at world war one navigation problems by walking around London? they illustrated the problems by using some familiar looking maps. I waited for the credits and OSM were included. I am quite pleased especially when I think back to the few i told about osm who questioned its credibility. Well done everybody.

by andy mackey at July 23, 2014 08:53 AM

“Sekatan jalan”

Mula-mula ingat bolehlah luangkan masa habis-habisan, terutamanya nak lengkapkan jalan-jalan pekan Alor Setar dan mungkin setakat apa-apa yang boleh ‘trace’ dari Mapbox dengan Strava.

Tapi ada perkara lain yang tak dijangka... nampaknya ‘sekatan jalan’lah.

Tunda lagi nampaknya nak hantar ‘request’ JUPEM. Harapnya bulan 9 nanti la kot. Projek masjid pun sama. Tapi ‘tracing’ pun dah tergendala. Banyak hari dah tak buat.

Oh ya. Sesiapa yang berminat untuk melengkapkan liputan sungai, Jabatan Pengairan & Saliran Kedah (akhirnya) letak senarai sungai bagi daerah Kota Setar dan Pendang (harapnya yang rasmi).

by AkuAnakTimur at July 23, 2014 04:31 AM

July 22, 2014

Geomob London

September 16th #geomob details

I’m pleased to announce a fantastic lineup for our next #geomob
to be held at 18:30 on Tuesday the 16th of September at the facilities of the BCS at 5 Southampton Street near Covent Garden. We’ve had occasional #geomobs at the BCS in the past, they are generous hosts, and I am pleased to announce they are now our formal location sponsor! We will continue to have events elsewhere but will now be spending more time at the BCS. Many thanks to them for their generosity. If you are not yet a member of the BCS I encourage you to have a look at their offering.

Their facilities (and food) have been excellent, but in the past we’ve had the unfortunate situation that people have been turned away because our room was too full. I’ve been assured that we will have more than adequate space on the 16th, but to help us get a better gauge of the numbers and plan appropriately please be sure to sign up on the Lanyrd page for the evening (where you will also find a map to the venue). 

Our speakers for the evening will be:

I hope you agree it looks like a great lineup. Attendees will have the chance to crown the evening’s best speaker, awarding him or her with a free SplashMap and geo bragging rights. 

As always the formal portion of the evening will be followed by drinks
at a nearby pub, generously paid for by our sponsors: OpenCage, knowwhere consulting and SplashMaps, and I strongly encourage all to attend. Very often the informal discussions are as fruitful and informative as the talks.

If you can’t make it on the 16th please join us at the following #geomob which will be Tuesday, November 4th (we’ll be back at the BCS), and for those who really like to get a jump on things you can already sign up for Tuesday, January 13th which will be the first #geomob of 2015. For both of those events we’re still (at the time of writing) on the hunt for speakers, please volunteer if you’re doing anything of interest in the location space. There’s one other point worth noting: to date the #geomob speaker list has reflected the unfortunate lack of gender diversity in the neogeo community, and we strongly encourage speaker applications from female speakers to help address this imbalance.

Enjoy your summer, and I look forward to seeing you all on the 16th of September

Ed (@freyfogle)

July 22, 2014 08:38 PM

" User's Diaries"

New MapRoulette feature: Select your local area!

MapRoulette silently added a new feature a while ago: the ability to select an area you want to work in. This is one of the most requested features in MapRoulette and I am pretty excited to publicly announce it!

Here is how it works. Go to MapRoulette and select a new challenge. You will see this screen:

select challenge

Notice the button at the top? It says what it does on the tin - it lets you select a work area that will be remembered until you cancel it. (I will show you how to do that later.) When you click the button, the challenge selection window disappears and you will get this notification:


It tells you to click on the map to set the center of your work area. It will then draw a circle that defines your work area. The initial radius of the circle is determined by the current map zoom, so if you want to define a large area, try zooming out first. Here, I zoomed out to the United States and clicked somewhere in Utah. This gives me a work area of about the size of the state:


Right now, only circular areas are supported.

You can change the radius using the + and - keys on your keyboard. You can click anywhere else on the map to set a new center for your area.

Once you're satisfied with the area you have set, click the notification in the top left to confirm your selection. The challenge selection window will re-appear, but will show only challenges that actually have work in your area, and tell you how much:

challenge filtered

(Right now, there is an annoying little bug that will cause MapRoulette to first tell you that everything is done and you need to pick a different challenge. I hope to squish that really soon. Just click OK.)

As you see, there are only two challenges in my area that need work! Yay. If I select one of them, sure enough the next task I get is in Utah:

task in utah

Resetting your work area is pretty much the same process. Instead of selecting an area like I described before, just click the notification without doing anything on the map, and you will be back to the old behavior where your work area is the entire world.

I hope you enjoy this new feature! Let me know if you have any questions.

by mvexel at July 22, 2014 04:31 PM

Many London events + Artillery Arms

There's going to be a good old London OpenStreetMap pub meet-up TONIGHT at the Monkey Puzzle in Paddington.

When was the last time I wrote a diary entry about London event happenings? A couple of months ago! The Baker Street mapping party. And I still haven't input the data from that one! What can I say? Things have been busy. I've been busy at work. Lots of transportAPI shenanigans, including moving office to Euston. And busy at home. It turns out getting a new carpet involves moving... everything. But I've been busy with quite a bit of OpenStreetMap stuff too:

  • Pub meet-up Artillery Arms Bunhill fields
  • Introduced HOT project ideas to UCL students
  • Gave HOT talk at Start Network
  • Mapping party around Hoxton Square
  • Gave talk about UAVs & HOT's OpenAerialMap project
  • Mapping party in Brixton
  • HOT meet-up at the ODI
  • Gave a talk to people at Exprodat
  • Geomob last week

In amongst all of that I've been trying to keep up with some Communication Working Group things and trying to organise meetings to get some new people to help. Pheweeee. Lots going on. The biggest thing on the OpenStreetMap calendar recently, SOTM EU, I missed because it clashed with my wife's birthday, but... well I have not been feeling deprived of OpenStreetMap events!

The other day at geomob I was reminded of my last diary entry by the guy behind what3words... I don't think he was too annoyed with me.

Shall I try to catch up on diary entries? Well I have notes for all these things, so I feel like I should really, but it's a lot to catch up on. Let's make a start.

So way back at the Artillery Arms pub meet-up (end of May!) I've just found my notes. Dan was scribbling on them as he showed us how to find the most remote branch of Starbucks in the UK using delaunay triangulation (and OpenStreetMap data)


Intially we were having some beers while looking out onto the bunhill fields cemetery (or is it a graveyard) and wondered whether all the famous people's gravestones had been mapped. Turns out not! Maybe we should've mapped them, but this was a lazy pub meet-up.

We had an appearance from Ed Freyfogle with his baby! We also had an appearance from a radio journalist who was scoping things out for an interview/recording, which he did later at the Hoxton Square meet-up... but more on that later.


We talked about Notes. Someone suggested a routing system which brings you to your destination via some nearby notes! Quite a fun idea. I think there's more "low hanging fruit" ideas around a more basic (highly specialised and simple) notes app, for viewing/adding notes on the move. In fact that's on my list of hacks I would do if I could only get around to them.

In fact me and Matt solved a note on the way home. Solving notes is so easy you can do it while under the influence of alcohol!

Maybe we'll do a bit of that again tonight, as we head to the pub again. If you'd like to join in with such activities (and pub conversations) we'll be in the Monkey Puzzle, Paddington from 7pm. All the details on the London page

by Harry Wood at July 22, 2014 11:54 AM

Meanwhile at Berlin-Hauptbahnhof…

I recently stumbled upon this map at Berlin-Hauptbahnhof which looked vaguely familiar to me. I couldn't tell what it was since I'm used to maps of Berlin…

Hauptbahnhof Map

But then I realised this is the map that I was working on 😉

Hauptbahnhof Map Licence

by Shmias at July 22, 2014 11:47 AM

Scout update: new data and signpost tagging

Let me update you on some of the goings on at Telenav related to OSM.

Scout OSM data update

First off, we released new OSM data for the US Scout app on July 15th. The OSM data is from July 3rd. No app update is required; just launch Scout and it will automatically use the latest data. We are currently updating the OSM data that drives Scout about every other week.

If you haven't tried Scout yet, you can download the latest version for Android here, for iOS here.

Note that the Scout International app (formerly the Skobbler GPS Navigation app) has its own data update regimen that is independent from the US version of Scout.

Signpost tagging

We continue to improve OSM data for the United States as well. We are focusing on signpost information right now (the information that you see on the freeway exit signs).


Image from AARoads

We are adopting the well-established destination= convention instead of the US-specific, limited and poorly documented exit_to convention. We are using AARoads as our primary source, for which they kindly gave permission. We are starting in Texas. Let me know if you have any questions about the editing work we are doing!

recent changeset

screenshot from the awesome achavi diff viewer

If you are interested in the background of exit_to versus destination, please see my previous diary entry about this topic.

Alright, that's it for now. I will write up updates like this one more often going forward!

by mvexel at July 22, 2014 12:13 AM

July 21, 2014

" User's Diaries"

Verkehrszeichenzählung in Bayern

Laut dem Twitteraccount von Skobbler soll in Bayern der Schilderwald gelichtet werden. Na gut, habe ich mir gedacht, warum zählen wir nicht mal selber, was denn schon alles gemappt ist. Dazu gibt es die Overpass-API und den Overpass-Turbo als GUI dazu. Die Abfrage war folgende:

node(area:3602145268)["traffic_sign"]; out meta;

Das Ergebnis waren gerade eben 17082 Nodes. Als Ways gemappte Schilder (wozu eigentlich) habe ich nicht gezählt, da diese meistens zur Dokumentation der Access-Beschränkungen verwendet werden, wie es das Verkehrszeichen-Tool vorschlägt.

Das ist der Link zur Abfrage. Ich rate davon ab, auf "Ausführen" zu klicken, da die Abfrage ein Weilchen dauert und 3 MB Daten liefert. Das ist für manchen schwachen Rechner vielleicht zu viel.

Kleinere Gebiete kann man jedoch schon abfragen, z.B. das Stadtgebiet von München. Dazu trägt man einfach die ID der Boundary-Relation addiert um 3600000000 ein. Diese ID bekommt man, indem man auf nach dem gewünschten Gebiet sucht. Das wäre die Abfrage für München (178 Schilder):

node(area:3600062428)["traffic_sign"]; out meta;

by Nakaner at July 21, 2014 07:24 PM

changes to my pavement entries and learning rivers

I've found that for a time I've been picking the wrong term for pedestian pavements beside the main carrage way. In normal language i'd call these pavements, but for good and well explaind reasoning OSM decided to call them sidewalkd to avoid international confusion (pavement as a term has different meanings around the world). Knowing that I'd need to pick a differenet term I've been mistakeingly using footway by mistake (footways on some editors convert to footpaths) and I'm also begining question if some of my "Front Garden paths" should be footpaths or even private byways??? the problem is that what is simple to build with paving or a narrow strip of tarmac can be seen in different ways in osm but is physicaly similar and often used also used in very similar way too.

I'm intending to review the tagging I've done on sidewalks in a progressive manner.

I'm also looking at advanced bridge tagging to sort out some issues with some more recent entries. Bridges and rivers can become quite complecated when there is a lot going on like the Magdelen Viaduct/bridge (which has nine arches, 5 "tunnels" placeing places two river courses two-one embankment apontoondock and two sides, {not mentinon the multilane stuctures of the highway running over the top}!!!). I'll get there in the end but it might take some time. I've also been working on find details for the tasked missed off the last task listing and that is utility features like pumpsite and substations......

by Govanus at July 21, 2014 05:47 PM

Request Help / Bitte um Vorschläge

Bitte um Vorschläge:

Für meine Deutschkenntnisse bitte ich in Voraus um Entschuldigung.


Ich wohne in ein Kleinstadt mitten in Deutschland: Ein Stadt von keine Bedeutung, es sei dann, das Sie die Privileg gehabt hast, hier zu wohnen. Rheinbach ist in OSM weitgehend erfasst und braucht nur Pflege! Es kann immer verbessert werden! Soweit wie ich weiß werden in Rheinbach die OSM-Daten von keine Firma, Geschäfte, Stadtverwaltung oder Vereine verwendet.

Außer der amtliche Homepage ( gibt es eine private Homepage (

Letztes Jahr habe ich folgender Email an geschickt:

======================== Begin Email ===================

Von: myemailadresse@***.de Datum: Montag, 30. Dezember 2013 17:14

An: theiremailadresse@***.de

Betreff: Vorschlag


Das könnten Sie für Rheinbach auch tun. Daten sind vorhanden und kostenlos als ODbL Lizenz verfügbar. Software ist in GitHub veröffentlicht auch als . ODbL Lizenz (d.h.: kostenlos) Die Öffnungszeiten sind im Open Street Map Projekt. vorhanden.

Siehe auch:

Falls Interesse vorhanden, stehe ich zur Verfügung!


==================== End Email =======================

Vor zwei Tage habe ich folgenden Email von erhalten

======================Begin Email =====================

Guten Tag Herr DCP,

manchmal ist es gut, wenn man Mails nicht direkt “entsorgt”! Erinnert habe ich mich oft, habe Ihnen auf die damalige Mail aber nicht sofort geantwortet. Ich war begeistert von der 3D-Stadtansicht von Rheinbach!!! Unser seit 2010 existierendes Stadtportal entwickelt sich erfreulich. Dies zeigen die ständig steigenden Zugriffszahlen. Nicht nur von Rheinbachern werden wir besucht, sondern auch die umliegenden Kommunen bis nach Bonn und Köln schauen rein.

Gestern hatte ich mit einem der Rheinbacher Geschäftsinhaber und unserem Bürgermeister ein Gespräch. Thema: “Rheinbach hier lebe ich – hier kaufe ich ein!” Idee: virtueller Stadtplan mit den ansässigen Geschäften etc. Nun will ich mal testen, ob dafür openstreetmap nutzbar ist. Falls Sie Beispiele zeigen könnten, die ähnliches umgesetzt haben, würde ich mich freuen.

Für heute wünsche ich ein schönes Wochenende

Viele Grüße aus dem sonnig heißen Rheinbach

Dieter ******* web-real

========================= End Email =========================


Es gibt bestimmt massenhaften vorhanden exzellenten Beispiele was man alles machen kann mit OSM Daten.

Maßnahme: Also falls Sie Beispiele kenne bitte ich brauche die dafür betreffenden links.

Bemerkung: Links zur anderen nicht deutsche Sites sind auch erwünscht!

by dcp at July 21, 2014 03:13 PM



OSM wiki にまとめたものがこちら JA:Bus routes in Kanagawa

そして、WikipediaにもOSM_BOXを貼った! 座間市コミュニティバス

by hayashi at July 21, 2014 02:58 PM

JOSM Preset Builder

I was trying to create some JOSM presets and ended up writing a script to create the XML file for presets. This script ( takes an input text file and based on the input data it creates a JOSM preset XML file.

At present the script supports key/value pairs, lists with multiple selection and drop downs. The script and sample data file can be downloaded from

by primej at July 21, 2014 02:53 PM

Gregory Marler/Living with Dragons

Curating a historical map

Since discussion in recent years, it seems OpenHistoricalMap(OHM) is picking up steam and so I decided I wanted to offer it my time during the SotM-EU hackday. After two days of intensive conferencing (with optional beer garden attendance), a few faces didn’t appear before lunch. This included an expert of OHM, so I was left to explore the website & mailing list for the project.

The map of the world felt like a dead end with no hint where to zoom in for interesting detail or exemplars of the project. On the mailing list I found a discussion about time range sliders in html and javascript, but controlling a date-specific on-the-fly map rendering was far beyond a day’s hack with my abilities.

I made use of the date range sliders to control view of curated markers that direct you to interesting geographic points in the OpenHistoricalMap project. I immediately put the code on Github so others can help me curate the markers (if they understand git forks, pull requests, and geojson). Github is also helpful in displaying changes to the markers file in a pretty way, I wanted to see it in action.

The page could be tidied up a little. Alongside the date range slider, category filters could also be added. Over all I’m happy with what I achieved during what was a slow-paced hack event.

by Gregory Marler at July 21, 2014 09:26 AM

Swiss OpenStreetMap Association

uMap Instance for Switzerland

It has been a long time in the making, but at last, we are happy to announce that a SOSM hosted uMap instance is available: .

uMap allows you to create hosted map configurations that contain base maps, data sources and manual annotations.

An example of what can be done with very little effort: the “Swiss style” map with car sharing locations queried from the Overpass API.

See full screen

While the data displayed in the example is static, the same can be done with a direct query of the OverPass API or similar sources. Data that is limited to Switzerland can be retrieved from the SOSM Overpass service, and to make that a bit easier we now have a local Overpass Turbo instance.

To create your own map on you simply need an account on and allow access to it.

A special thank you to Sarah for setting up the system for us and to Yohan Boniface for developing uMap.

by sosmAdmin at July 21, 2014 09:23 AM

" User's Diaries"

Caminos y Cañadas cortadas

Ayer salí con la bici y me tope con una nueva alambrada y una nueva puerta:

Un apena, cercena el camino al embalse del Valmayor por el Parque Regional de Guadarrama ademas de cortar la Cañada Nueva de Guadarrama.

Lo dicho, una pena.

by Raul Gonzalez at July 21, 2014 08:57 AM

July 20, 2014

Pascal Neis

The Average Age of OpenStreetMap Objects

Joseph Reeves asked me on twitter the other day if “anyone knows the average age of @openstreetmap objects?“. Here we go: Based on the complete OSM data history file from here (June 14th, 2014) and some additional lines of code, I conducted a simple analysis.

Overall 400,000 mappers of the more than 1.7 million registered members contributed to the OSM project. Almost 375,000 contributors created at least one Node, 325,000 one Way and 70,000 one Relation object. In total the contributors collected more than 2.7 billion Nodes, 263 million Ways and 3 million relations. The percentage of newly created OSM objects (Nodes, Ways & Relations) has been more or less at the same level for the past few years (2010 to 2014): with17% to 20%. The following diagram shows the percentage of each created OSM object type.


Additionally, I evaluated the number of objects based on the date of their last modification. Utilizing the object timestamps of the last modification, we see a slightly different result for the last 4 years. 55% of the Nodes, 67% of the Ways and 74% of the Relations in the OSM database do not have a timestamp dated before 2012.


However, I guess it would be an interesting visualization, if we could put those numbers on a world map similar to the “OpenStreetMap availability” by Stefano De Sabbata. You can also find some up to date OSM statistics here.

Thanks to maɪˈæmɪ Dennis

by Pascal Neis at July 20, 2014 06:50 PM

" User's Diaries"


今日は横浜市金沢区のプレエディトとして野島の建物をトレースしてみた。 13:00-から22:00まで、途中中断が入ったから正味8時間というところか、1日の作業量がだいたいつかめた。 このペースで行くと金沢区全域ではのべ30日間というところか・・・

by hayashi at July 20, 2014 02:46 PM


Лупа и чашка

Логотип JOSM — одно из немногих творений, до которых не добрался редизайн логотипа OpenStreetMap 2011 года. Части программистов проекта это надоело, но зачем менять только часть картинки, когда можно выдумать новую целиком? Тем более, что старый логотип существует только в виде растрового квадрата. Так что с этого дня начинается конкурс логотипов JOSM: до 30 сентября отправляйте векторные рисунки в SVG на Логотип должен быть легко обрезаем до квадрата, хорошо бы дать примеры вертикального и горизонтального баннеров, и лицензия — только CC0. Ввиду последнего, наверное, автор лучшего логотипа может рассчитывать только на упоминание на главной странице сайта JOSM: никаких призов на вики-странице нет.

Не обязательно логотип должен быть связан с OSM: так, значки iD, Potlatch 2 и Merkaartor (у последнего уже умер сайт) абстрактны, как и у Pushpin. Единственное исключение — редактор Vespucci, который в качестве значка банально использует старый логотип OSM без изменений.

July 20, 2014 01:07 PM

" User's Diaries"

Contributor numbers revisited and empty changesets galore

Some of you may have seen my blog posts on contributor numbers in the past (May 2013 , December 2013) on our contributor growth based on analysing the regular changeset dumps.

While I was fairly sure that the numbers were correct, I did know that I hadn't taken one potential systematic problem in to account: users that had signed up and produced only empty changesets. Now it could be argued that such users at least tried to contribute and should be counted, but opinions may differ on that. It was clear that any effect on current trends would be minimal, all modern editors will typically only allow you to save if you have actually changed something, implying that an empty changeset is something that can only happen in an error situation (for example an editing conflict, or a crash of the application).

Here are the corrected graphs:

The effect of removing the empty changesets lowers the overall number by roughly 25'000 users, however as expected does not effect the general trend. End of June 2014 we had an accumulated total of 421'701 contributors, increasing at a rate of around 8'000 per month.

The following graphs compared to the previous ones show that most of the effect of the change is in 2009, which as we know is the year changesets were introduced in, so some issues there are not quite unexpected.

In mid-2014 we have already had more than 90'000 active contributors, we can expect a substantial increase in the year total if the trend continues.

Back to the empty changesets, when and how much of an effect did removing them from the numbers have:

and the same relative to the new contributors per month:

(note: the above is the difference between the old numbers with zero edit changesets and the new ones, in some cases this simply caused users to be counted one month later, which explains the single negative month)

As already mentioned all changesets before May 2009 were generated when changests were introduced. I haven't been able to determine what caused the large numbers from May to November 2009, however the changesets in question do not have a created_by tag and I suspect that they were created after the fact, by some kind of mechanical process. Nobody that I asked can remember, maybe a reader can shed some light on this.

After November 2009 most of the empty changesets were created by Potlatch 1 and a well founded suspicion is that they were caused by P1 live mode. This continues up to April 2011 when Potlatch 2 was made the default editor and the absolute numbers have remained stable in the 100-200 users per month range since then.

Now it is important to remind ourselves what we are looking at: the numbers are new users that signed up, tried to edit, failed and never had a successful edit after that.

In other words, users that wanted to participate that we lost (the total number of empty changesets is far higher, however for now I'll assume that regular contributors are more tolerant of things going wrong than first-timers).

Done deeds are done deeds and there is nothing we can do about users that we have already lost, however what we can do is try and improve the situation going forward.

I've produced some numbers on which editors the users were using and nearly all (yes including JOSM) turn up, however the majority of the users effected are using iD (which is not a surprise given that it is the default editor) and, big surprise, "Go Map!" at nearly the same level. Given that "Go Map!" has a far lower user base than iD (editor stats), this indicates that there may be a real problem with the app this has in the mean time been resolved. Naturally given that iD is what is usually used by potential new contributors, further investigation is warranted too.

by SimonPoole at July 20, 2014 12:25 PM

Krynica morska

Teraz jadę do krynicy morskiej. W zeszłym roku uzupełniłem wiele budynków, dróg i ścieżek w lesie teraz będę korzzystał z mojej zeszłorocznej pracy. Widzę, że user rosomak uzupełnił drugą połowę miejscowości jeeli chodzi o budynki.

by Damago at July 20, 2014 12:19 PM

Borsuki nad bugiem

Wróciłem już znad bugu, zjeździłem tam rowerem ponad 300 kilometrów w większości drogami których nie było na osm. Okolice borsuków, mielna i janowa podlaskiego znacznie pouzupełniane.

by Damago at July 20, 2014 12:16 PM

Probando notas del diario - Ediciones


He borrado parte del camino de la Faja de Tormosa en su enlace a la subida al balcón de Pineta

by msevilla00 at July 20, 2014 08:48 AM


OSMをgarmin用のimgで配布してくれる方がいる。 非常に便利



amenity=public_building name=東京特許許可局

があったならば.... "tokyoutokkyokyokakyoku" 読むの辛い

あれをコピーして、あんなんやら、こんなんやらして、 日本語表示のimgを作った。 まだまだカスタマイズが必要だけれど、とりあえず日本語が表示されている。


by masarap at July 20, 2014 01:45 AM


OSMをgarmin用のimgで配布してくれる方がいる。 非常に便利



amenity=public_building name=東京特許許可局

があったならば.... "tokyoutokkyokyokakyoku" 読むの辛い

あれをコピーして、あんなんやら、こんなんやらして、 日本語表示のimgを作った。 まだまだカスタマイズが必要だけれど、とりあえず日本語が表示されている。

しかし、ローマ字も視認性が悪いが、老眼の進んだ者にとっては、ちっちゃい漢字も視認性が悪い 姫路城

by masarap at July 20, 2014 01:44 AM


OSMをgarmin用のimgで配布してくれる方がいる。 非常に便利



amenity=public_building name=東京特許許可局

があったならば.... "tokyoutokkyokyokakyoku" 読むの辛い

あれをコピーして、あんなんやら、こんなんやらして、 日本語表示のimgを作った。 まだまだカスタマイズが必要だけれど、とりあえず日本語が表示されている。

しかし、ローマ字も視認性が悪いが、老眼の進んだ者にとっては、ちっちゃい漢字も視認性が悪い 姫路城

by masarap at July 20, 2014 01:44 AM

Christoph Eckert

Can OsmAnd do bike routing from Achern to Strasbourg?

Still we enjoy the storks, but in a couple of days, in August, they will be heading towards Africa. They can do so since they have natively built-in navigation capabilities. What a pity, they will never know what joy it is to play with gadgets like personal navigation assistants!

About three years passed since I was the last time in Strasbourg by bike, checking the bike routing capabilities of MoNav. Due to the hot and humid weather I was a bit lazy and took the train to Achern so the cycling distance was about 40 but 90 kilometers.

Once again I used the spoken instructions of OsmAnd and BRouter for the trip (in case anyone can recommend a good bike mount for an S3 smartphone please drop me a line). Due to the hot and humid weather I wanted to cross the river Rhine between Rheinau and Gambsheim, since on the french side treets promised some shadow. On the other side of the embankment as seen in the first picture the Rhine flows, which is above ground level. During floods, this road is closed.

OsmAnd and BRouter led me very well, and I’m rather impressed what those applications can do for OSM addicts. Some of the changes in v1.8.2 really improved the usability of OsmAnd. Some of the issues I noted during the last test ride (I apologize for the german language postings) still persist.

Especially at crossings which include cycleways it is necessary to get a visual clue of what the router recommends. Thus I need a bike mount, and as soon I found a resonable bike mount I forecast a feature which will read as »As a cyclist I want OsmAnd to unblank my screen and zoom in at crossings, so that I better understand the spoken instructions.«

On my way back from Strasbourg to Achern, a couple of things happened, which I tried to document with screenshots. The router choose really nice routes, and often provided detailed instructions which led me to nice cycleways, (paved) agricultural roads and even included a short piece of gravelled track to span a short distance between two paved tracks.

What I already noticed during my trip to Belgium is the fact that OsmAnd often provides instructions like »Turn slightly left« in curves, even that no crossing exists. This also happens during bike routing using BRouter, and it sometimes even happens in case the street just is straightforward. I assume it happens due to some nodes being places slightly out of a stright line. However, this leads to the situation that one does not pay enough attention to instructions like »In 80 meters, turn slightly left«. However, this led to the situation shown in the following hardcopy. I should have crossed the street near the »L 90« label, but OsmAnd didn’t tell me to do so. Thus I continued the track until the »B 28« label, as OsmAnd was like »If possible, please invert the direction.«.

At this minor junction, I got no »turn left« instruction, so I climbed the bridge until OsmAnd told me to take a U-turn.

This crossing is much more perpendicular in reality as it is modeled in the data set. OsmAnd provided no instructions at all. In general, I wished that OsmAnd provided more instructions each time the type of road changes heavily (like »Turn left to the secondary road«).

The screenshot indicates that the three ways are apart by several meters. In reality, they are not. OsmAnd just provided something like »turn left« as soon as I reached the first crossing. Something like »Turn left at the third occasion« would have been helpful.

OsmAnd didn’t provide any instructions at the red dot. However, this is due to the data set and not the software. The »Weststraße« continued for about 10 meters before the other street passes by about 90°. I just fixed it.

In general, OsmAnd is a bit too verbose for my taste:

  • »Turn left in |500m|200m|80m|now« are four instructions, which I’d reduce to two (maybe 80m and at the junction).
  • »Follow the road for 90m« immediately followed by »Turn left in 80m« made me think »Why not drop the first instruction?«
  • »Follow the road for about 3km« is provided too long after the last turn, interrupting the music output unnecessarily. For my taste, it should be provided immediately after the turn.

A feature I really liked was that OsmAnd is capable of muting the music player as soon as it provides instructions. A really great feature.

Conclusion: This trip was only half the fun without OsmAnd. The weather was hot, and I really enjoyed the trip back to Achern during sunset. Originally I planned to take the train back from Strasbourg, but there was none. I went to Appenweier, but the next train was 90 minutes ahead. So I used the time to cycle back to Achern, which was great as it allowed me to collect the abovementioned issues.

I’d like to thank all mappers for collecting the data, all developers who provide the infrastructure for OSM, and all developers who write software which does useful things with our data. From my work on MoNav I know pretty well how difficult it is to provide pleasing speech output. It’s not rocket science, but requires a lot of trial and error.

Environmental footprint:

  • 10 hours of travel time (including rests and waiting times)
  • 2 liters of tap water
  • 1 liter of Cola
  • 1 Nucki Erdbeer
  • 1 knuckle of pork
  • Some electrical power for the Samsung S3 handset and the Samsung NX300 camera
  • No clue about the enery used by Deutsche Bahn
  • No clue about the amount of methane produced :)

by ce at July 20, 2014 12:32 AM

July 19, 2014

" User's Diaries"

JOSM graphics contest

JOSM needs your support! The developer team of the editor JOSM is looking for a new logo. Therefore we're holding a graphics contest.

  • What's it about? The current logo should be replaced completely by your design. It will be used in the software itself, on the website and in various other media related to JOSM.

  • Why do we need a new logo? Presently, we are still using the old OSM icon from 2011. Instead of a slight revision, we would like to abandon the concept "OSM-logo + coffee mug" and find a new, independent identification for the project.

  • What are the rules? Everyone can participate. You can submit your work till 30th of September 2014 to contest at The image should be in vector format (SVG) and still look okay at low resolution (16x16 pixel). You can find further details on the wiki page:

We are looking forward to your contribution!

Paul & Vincent (for the JOSM team)

by don-vip at July 19, 2014 09:51 PM

Shaun McDonald

The Two Speeds of Cycling in Britain

I’m increasingly finding that many people who want to cycle in Britain, have two options for their style of cycling. Note this doesn’t apply everywhere, however is particularly prevalent in Ipswich, Suffolk and other places that I’ve cycled.

If you are in the mood for cycling slower at a pootling pace, or have kids learning to cycle, you can use some pavements where cycling has been legalised. However when there are higher pedestrian flows, you’ll often have to travel slowly at walking pace, thus negating the advantage of cycling for those sections of the journey. This means the journey time is extended, and made more tedious and less enjoyable.

The alternative used by faster cyclists is to keep up with the speed of motor traffic and to take the lane. This would mean cycling at 20, 30 or more mph. I can manage the odd sprint at 20mph on the level, or 30mph on a downhill stretch, however it’s not something I can manage for longer sprints or whole journeys.

I have had occasions in the past where I’ve kept a fairly constant distance of a couple of bicycle lengths from the vehicle in front, and had the driver behind either honk their horn at me for being in the way, or dangerously overtake to squeeze in between me and the vehicle in front. Thus keeping your wits about you, taking the lane, and travelling at a similar speed to the vehicle in front doesn’t appear to be a valid option either, even so I’ve regularly been told to do this by experienced fast cyclists.

Being able to cycle at a speed between walking pace and motor vehicle pace is the ideal solution, however the current road environment in Ipswich and many other parts of Britain doesn’t make it easy to travel at a comfortable pace. For example being able to cycle somewhere without breaking into a big sweat, at a speed faster than walking pace.

Ipswich has a lot of pavements where cycling has been legalised, however you are generally having to negotiate pedestrians. I’m told that if you don’t like that, then you should be on the road, however I find that to be a horrible experience too, and it’s also dangerous due to the big metal boxes on wheels, that could kill me.

Quiet residential and service roads do allow for the middle pace of cycling, however they are often riddled with pinch points, traffic calming, rat runs, on-street car parking, or busy periods(or just lots of traffic). Thus these roads are often not perceived to be safe for cycling on by many would be cyclists, or parents wanting to let their kids to cycle.

Ipswich does have a few great bits of cycle infrastructure, such as a section of Rope Walk, which has been closed to through motor traffic, and pedestrians respect it due to the wide pavements, and the road like feel of it. There is a downside in that just to the north there is a rat run, which is on National Cycle Network Route 1, as drivers in the morning peak try to avoid a set of traffic lights. In the other direction, there’s a junction which has made it to the Warrington Cycling Facility of the Month.

Ravenswood and Kesgrave/Grange Farm are more recent housing estates in the Ipswich area, which have high quality cycle paths through the areas, limited through motor vehicle access, and some of the highest cycle to school rates in the country. However many of those people don’t venture out of the area by bike. The bike paths are just a 3 metre wide bit of tarmac with a white line down the middle, which simply isn’t wide enough for catering for both fast cyclists, and people wanting to cycle side by side talking to each other.

The new Ipswich Northern Fringe or Ipswich Garden Suburb, as it’s now called, is due to have high quality cycle paths throughout. A high quality cycle route is also needed from the new development in the north to the town centre, however it’s hard to find the best possible route that will be used, as any route that is chosen will need the through motor traffic removed due to the narrow streets and park (which is closed at night) in the way. My fear is that the compromise will produce a route which won’t entice the new residents on to their bikes or buses.

Finally, how do we get some of the current older cyclists, and campaigners who are happy with the current road conditions for cycling and are holding back campaigning for cycling facilities that will encourage more people to cycle, to accept that the current two tier system is inadequate?

by smsm1986 at July 19, 2014 07:12 PM

" User's Diaries"

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by David Vicente at July 19, 2014 06:17 PM

Passage du Chanois

Je m'apprêtais, ce soir là, à tracer le Passage du Chanois. Il faisit nuit. Une nuit noire et épaisse bien que l'on pouvais presque distinguer encore quelque veine de ciel bleue entre les nuages.

Je m'y étais pris bien tard car, tandis que je m'approchais de la place surplombant le passage, je me rendis vers le coin qui semblait entamer le petit chemin.

Un vrai tour noir. La place avait ses reverbères mais leur portée s'arrêtait juste devant ce couloir opaque. Je laissais mes yeux s'exercer à cette obscurité et il me semblait distinguer des marches d'escalier. Impossible de m'y attarder toutefois car l'image m'échappait aussitôt qu'elle apparaissait tant l'ombre était dense et ravalait vite tout ce qui fuyait.


J'entrepris leur descente avec beaucoup de précaution. Après la première marche, la pénombre me caressait déjà comme une brume légère. Lorsque je dépassai la deuxième marche, cette sensation pris de plus en plus de consistance. J'eus la sensation d'un brouillard enveloppant, tellement dense qu'il semblait comme une barbe à papa, il s'accrochait dans les cheveux, restait collé sur mon visage. Je tentais de me débarbouiller mais il en venait encore.

Puis tandis que je me débattais, une voix s'exclama, flegmatique:

_ Oui c'est l'obscurité, ici on voit rien et du coup l'ombre est très épaisse.

Je ne pus evidemment trouver la provenance de cette voix. Elle avait l'air proche et semblait se rapprocher du sol. Mon interlocuteur était probablement assis sur une marche plus bas.

_ Ah d'accord c'est pour ça alors, répondis-je.

Il ne me répondit pas mais il me sembla distinguer un assentiment rauque venant de sa gorge.

_ Bon bah du coup c'est pas pratique alors je vais rentrer.
_ Ok, salut.
_ Salut.

by Voldemars at July 19, 2014 04:31 PM

July 18, 2014

" User's Diaries"

Making OSM more widely known

Quite often I have been 'spotted' while out mapping and have got into conversations with local business owners. I want to allay their suspicions when they see me wandering along service alleys and taking photos of their premises. I explain what I am doing and tell them a bit about OSM mentioning that I will be adding their business details to the map.

Once I have done the editing and seen the results show up on the map I usually email the business and send them a link to the appropriate part of the map. I also mention that their details will appear on "Osmand – the associated Android app"

Does anyone else do this?

In my email should I be saying something like "OpenStreetMap -the free, open source, alternative to Google Maps" or is that perhaps being too pointed?

What about referring to embedding OSM on their website if they have one? I've generally avoided this as I'm not tech savvy enough to answer any questions which may arise.

Suggestions, comments welcome!

by NZGraham at July 18, 2014 10:56 AM

Spatially Sound - Temporally Challenged ;-)

So, to simply put it out there - Twitter doesn't lie - decided to make a dry run to Fingal County Council to participate in the Lesotho Mapathon. Found the right place to be, just managed to be off by a week. Ahhh I know the bus route, the peculiarities (ie where the stop request button is - where to get some porridge) and all set to be there next week. Looking forward to some African mapping.

by Shawn Day at July 18, 2014 10:50 AM